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Design of construction project for 88 Olympic Expressway

88 Olympic Expressway has been constructed from 1981 to 1984, which is the Seoul Olympic memorial highway held in Korean in 1988. The expressway is only link between Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do playing the significant role in terms of transportation infra-structure as well as symbol of regional harmonisation. Thanks to the 88 Olympic expressway, cultural difference has been eased and an economic gap has been decreased between two regions. However, it needs an improvemnt to meet the demand of increasing traffic volume and the highway improvement project has been launched in 2002.  
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Design of construction project for 14th expressway in Gochang-Jangseong

The expressway between Gochang-Jangseong has completed in 2007, which links the western coastal areas and inland area of Jeolla-do by shortest distance.  
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