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Soyang River Substation Replacement Project

The purpose of the project was to replace the aging, 39-year old outdoor transmission equipment with indoor GIS equipment. In addition the transformers and other power devices were replaced, which ensured reliable power supply and lowered maintenance costs 
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Honduras Western Region Solar Photovoltaic Project

Due to inconvenient geographical and accesibility conditions in western Honduras, power supply is not reliable nor guaranteed. Therefore the government plans to build a standalone (0ff-grid) solar power facilify to provide power to residents and public institutions 
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the Solar Cell Project of Quang Binh Province

This project faced problems in regards to planning of the power grid due to the rough, mountainous terrain. The installation of this standalone photovoltaic power plant not only provided power for local schools and other public institutions, but it paved the way for other potential renewable energy plants to be developed in Vietnam  
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Electrical Design of the Daegu Technopolis Industrial Complex

The project is located in the city of Daegu, Dalsong-gun, Yuga-myeon, ilwon. As the zoning in the Daegu Technopolis Industrial Complex was being categorized, the construction of road lighting and traffic signal utilities, communication facilities, parks and other electrical related facilities were being constructed 
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