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Development Plan for Service Area of Gumi Industrial Complex

- To improve the city level into knowledge-based hub, meeting the national strategy for sustainable urban development - Aiming at an outstanding complex equipped with eco-friendly and global confidence for the 21st Century  
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Yeongjong City Development in the Incheon Free Economic Zone

Establishment of Yeongjong City Center to Create North-east asia hub state Construction of industrial hub with air logistics of high value-added products,interconnecting with the airport Construction of international hub for aviation, industry and goods Provision of the place for the leisure activities applying waterfront charateristics  
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Pangyo Techno Valley Development

As the core place of high technology in the world, the techno valley unifies “Research”, “Information” and “Trade” - R(Research) : Role as a Testbed to initiate products and develop IT-related research - I(Information) : Unification of new-technology and information for the IT sector - T(Trade) : Comprehensive business center allowing new-technology and information interaction of IT Perform as a representative model to present current status of international products and new-technologies under ubiquitous development strategy  
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