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Seoul ~ Gangneung Expressway (Woljeong ~ Gangneung, 5th Section)

The Seoul ~ Gangeung Expressway (No. 50) is a major west-east highway that go from Seoul to Gangneung city, Korea.
It goes through mountain terrain and its eastern terminus is the East Gangneung Interchange where it intersects with Donghae Expressway. 
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Seoul ~ Wonju Expressway

The Seoul ~ Wonju Expressway is one of the most important highway in Korea.
It starts in Seoul and ends at Wonju city. It is the main road connecting Youngjong Island, Gyeongin Circle Road, Anyang ~ Seongnam Expressway and Seongnam ~ Janghowon Road with the shortest distance.
It also solve the problem of the caused traffic congestion. 
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Seoul ~ Busan Expressway (Hoedeok ~ Jeungyak, 3rd Section)

This project is the third section for the Gyeongbu Expressway, which provides connectivity with Seoul to Busan.
This expressway was designed at 80 km/hr and there are 2(two) tunnels within the road. In the incipient planning stage, this road was required to be designed as a new road instead of existing road expansion because the road passes through a mountainous terrain. 
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